Dear Diary.

Dear diary, or in this case a blog that I totally made and designed (cough), I have started to realise (< and yes its the Brit language, deal with it) that some things where I live, Malta, have some problems. Sure not every country is perfect, look at Greece for example. “Are you sure that you have a certain wealth to join the EU?” the EU said, “Yes” replied Greece¬†with a cheeky smile and thus everything went downhill. Anyways I’m going to just complain and let out my frustration on to the internet (and the little things about Malta), like that have never happened before (in before twitter blogging became a thing).

Now before you get all angry, use some painkillers for the burning arse. To start with, YES I am a Maltese person, so don’t start over-thinking and if you’re here to just relax and read some relatable things, than you’re an alright person (I think).

You know when you’re in the zone, headphones, chill music, falling asleep and waking up to your bus stop and the bus is just filled with filthy tourists? (I’m joking) but you know what I mean. It is as tight as a neutron star (google it, makes you smarter, maybe). Everyone speaking their language, the guy near you pressing on you because he thinks it’s only his space, one of the guys is staring at you like it’s their life on the line, ye those moments. Anyway you press the button and say “excuse me” like 20 times (for extra effect press the button 5 times to express your frustration) and you can’t just seem to pass. The bus stops and you’re trying your best to get through the crowd like it is a survival challenge, or when you need that extra 50 gold before¬†you B (A game reference).

You made it through the crowd but wait! the door closes and the bus continues moving, you shout “wait, wait” but now even more people are staring at you like you’re a psycho. You press the button but no of use, the bus driver is deaf (in most cases) so you stop at the next stop, having to walk all the way back to that stop you needed, swearing your arse out and wanting to punch the crap out of something.

Like why was this never fixed? Can’t the driver at least look in the mirror and be a nice middle-aged man and open the door (feminists triggered).

Thank you,

Fuzzy Buzzy (Ma nafx)